Екатерина Ермилова (tofufu) wrote in new_languages,
Екатерина Ермилова

Exchange of Russian for English and Russian for Dutch

Hello! My name is Katja. I am 25, Russian.
Now I am living and doing my PhD in the Netherlands.
It would be great to find somebody in Amsterdam who wants to learn Russian in exchange for English or Dutch.

Actually I need to improve my English and looking for any English native speakers here in Amsterdam to have an advantage to meet.

Another thing - I also want to start speaking Dutch (I already can understand some basic phrases because I've followed a course of Dutch for absolutely beginners).

My e-mail is e-ermilovaREMOVE_THIS@yandex.ru.
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It sounds great, but unfortunately I'm not living in Amsterdam, but near Rotterdam.
Anyway, if you need any help with Russian just drop me a line.